Tales of the Old West - Cowboys, Clowns & Carneys

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From Chautauqua presentations and medicine shows to rodeos and the singing cowboys of the Silver Screen, the history of itinerant entertainment is as old as the frontier itself. Tales of the Old West: Cowboys, Clowns & Carnies takes the listener on an evocative journey through the outrageous cast of men and women-quack doctors, unscrupulous pitchmen, exotic dancers, and silent movie stars-who brought to frontier life the sights and sounds of a fabled Western ideal the likes of which will never be seen again.

The Great American Medicine Show:
Laudanum, Whiskey & Hope, Hamlins Wizard Oil, The Kickapoo Indian Show, Dr. Beedle's Remedies, Lydia Pinkham's Vegetable Compound

Meet Me at the Fair:
Sideshows & Chump Stands, The King of Ballyhoo, Blue Ribbons & Watermelon Preserves, Frog Men & Firewalkers, Little Egypt Wild West Shows, Rodeos & the Silver Screen

Selected stories include: Buffalo Bill Cody, The Wild West Show, The Rodeos, King of the Dime Novels, Heroes of the Silver Screen

Jimmy Gray serves as our senior staff writer and is the inspiration behind many of our audio books. Jimmy has written for various periodicals including Field & Stream and Outdoor Life. Additionally, he has been a contributing writer for USA Today newspaper. Jimmy is a living history book.

Bennie Shipley is an acclaimed voice-over artist and actor. He produces the Country Countdown for Crook & Chase. Bennie's voice can be heard on hundreds of national commercials. Douglas Combs and Melissa McDonald (married couple) are well know throughout middle Tennessee as radio personalities. Their credits are plentiful. Don King's voice-over credits are numerous. He is a country music artist and song-writer, a TV show host, and an Emmy Award Winner.
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