Taming an Impossible Rogue

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year ago, Lady Camille Pryce left her haughty fiancé at the altar-for
good reason. Not only was the marriage arranged before she could even
walk, her betrothed was too smug to exert himself to meet her! Now,
disowned, with no husband or family to support her, she's left with one
option: go to work in the notorious Tantalus Club...
A gentleman's
gaming house run by a woman, the Tantalus is no place for a proper lady;
so, to save face, her jilted fiancé must retrieve her. But banned from
the club, he's forced to employ his ne'er-do-well cousin instead. A
handsome, experienced rogue, Keating Blackwood is the perfect man to
lure Camille away. But the moment they meet, Keating instead wants to
save her...for himself. Impossible? Perhaps. But if Camille can make the
ultimate player lay his cards on the table-and risk his heart-all bets
are off.
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