Tantric Meditations - Evolving through the Chakras

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Tantric Meditations - Evolving through the Chakras contains guided Chakra Shuddhi and Yoga Nidra sessions that will awaken a deeper awareness of the Chakras and begin the purification and opening process of these powerful energy centres. Tantric Meditations - Evolving through the Chakras is suitable for practitioners who have practical yoga experience and a basic knowledge of the energy centres. It contains a Chakra Shuddhi cleansing meditation, a Yoga Nidra psychic sleep meditation featuring a Sankalpa, breathing techniques and visualizations and a Gauri Ganesha chant.These effortless ancient techniques have been adapted to suit our modern needs by Paramahansa Satyananda and are guided by Swami Muktidharma, a teacher of the Satayananda tradition who has over 35 years of dedication and experience sharing these techniques.When practiced on a regular basis these techniques allow you to awaken an understanding and awareness of the more subtle aspects of your being.
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