Tantric Meditations - Seeds of Creation

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Tantric Meditations - Seeds of Creation offers different methods to experience and explore the transformative power of the seed sounds combined with postures, a vibrational pranayama and two unique meditations.Tantric Meditations - Seeds of Creation is suitable for practitioners who have practical yoga and meditation experience and a basic knowledge of the chakra locations. It provides inspirational yoga, pranayama, meditation, relaxation and mantra techniques that begin the process of purification and liberation of the energy within the chakras.These ancient techniques are guided by three experts, Swami Muktidharma, a teacher of the Satayananda tradition who has over 35 years of dedication and experience sharing these techniques together with Swami Kailash and Swami Karma Karuna who have both dedicated their lives to the sharing of their skills and knowledge.When practiced regularly the techniques within Tantric Meditations - Seeds of Creation will allow you to uplift your entire awareness.
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