Target America - A Sniper Elite Novel

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When Chechen terrorists succeed in smuggling a Cold War era Russian nuke across the Mexican-American border, the President is forced to reactivate the only unit capable of tracking it down: precision sniper Master Chief Gil Shannon and his brash team of SEALs and Delta Force fighters, first introduced in Sniper Elite: One Way Trip. The entire team was run out of the military after disobeying a direct command in order to save the life of one of their own behind enemy lines. Shannon’s first act is to find and reassemble his squad, many of whom have gone rogue, some going as far as becoming vigilantes and desperados. Now reformed as a completely off-the-books secret domestic Special Ops Black team, Shannon and company race against the clock to save the country from nuclear destruction. In this action-packed thriller, #1 New York Times bestselling author Scott McEwen presents a gripping, fast-paced adventure filled with nonstop action that takes readers into the shadow world of clandestine military operations.
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