Ten Power Principles to Master Your Mind - A Game Plan for Success

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Would you like to get control of your thinking? Would you like to Master Your Mind and develop a game plan to achieve success? Would you like to know what the most successful people focus on to achieve great results from the likes of Donald Trump to Steve Jobs? Well now you can! Best-selling personal development author, facilitator and trainer, Tom Haupt, will lead you through the incredible 10 Power Principles that you must have to help shape and build a foundation of effective thinking. In this program, you will develop and implement: 1. The Power of Vision 2. The Power of Clarity 3. The Power of a “Big Why” 4. The Power of the Mind 5. The Power of Intention 6. The Power of Being Present 7. The Power of Words 8. The Power of Images 9. The Power of Risking 10. The Power of Learning. Also, did you know 99% of the decisions you make, you don’t make them? Sound crazy? Not really. If you are not in control of your most dominant conscious thoughts, your subconscious mind will AUTOMATICALLY make your decisions for you, whether they are effective or not! These 10 Power Principles are a fresh and unique approach and a step-by-step process to self-improvement, personal mastery and implementing a winners mindset that supports constant growth! Tom Haupt is a Certified Facilitator and Trainer of Personal Mastery Seminars and a Leadership Keynote Speaker inspiring and empowering thousands around the world.
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