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Cold-blooded as a snake and twice as deadly, Johnny Tenkiller had already more than lived up to his name by the time he was twenty-one. Now the dangerous halfbreed was making tracks for the California boomtown of Bakersfield, leaving a trail of corpses behind him like spits of chaw from a heavy chewer. Disappearing among Bakersfield's teeming mass of cowhands, miners, Chinese laborers and Mexican vaqueros, Tenkiller would soon be able to indulge freely in his favorite pastimes: drinking, whoring, raping and murder. The new City Marshall Ned Cody was damned if he'd allow a kill-crazy renegade to bring death to his town. Cody would track the bloodthirsty varmint to Hell and back if necessary, but first the Marshall had to tangle with the corrupt County law in the person of Sheriff George Howard. And if Howard got his way, both Tenkiller and Cody would die in a deadly rain of lead and fire on the dusty Bakersfield streets.
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