The Alliance: Book One of the Faeltheon

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The young, recently orphaned Elwyn Elenthea must now take her mother's place as Queen of Faerie, but when disaster threatens her people and their way of life, her inexperience could be fatal for them all. In their new fantasy novel, The Alliance, authors Rachel DiDomenico, Chrystine Kern, Samantha Ward and Michele Yardumian launch the adventures of the Faeltheon, an ancient race of Faeries and Elves whose very existence is threatened by their dreadful enemies. Though Elwyn's friends and advisors join with her to try to avert tragedy, their heroic efforts will not be enough without the legendary Master of Marliondolen. When their enemies band together, determined to destroy the Faeltheon, there ensues a battle of wits and faith to survive that deadly Alliance. But, as the sands of time run out, even the wisest among them cannot answer the essential questions: who is to be the Master of Marliondolen, and what exactly must he do?
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