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Are you tired of leadership being more about the leader than the Cause?

Are you hungry for a new paradigm of Christian leadership, which reclaims Jesus' heart for people?

Then you are looking for The Anonymous Leader, an unconventional approach to Biblical leadership, which redeems the influence God has given those with the gift of leadership.

Ralph Mayhew explores how God has given leaders influential platforms from which to lead people on His behalf. He explains how every leader needs to steward their platform so the desires of God become the greatest priority in those who follow.

Interview with the author:

Q -What makes this book special?

A - This book is different to other leadership books. It's not a list of the latest principles but a journey in leading change, first in the heart of the leader who leads.

Q -Why should a reader buy this book?

A - This Amazon Bestseller will enable you to take giant leaps forward in becoming a humble leader, as your heart changes toward people, God and what the value of leadership is.

Q - How will your life be better as a result of reading this book?

A - Self leading is the toughest challenge a leader faces, and this book is a leader's roadmap. It helps bring together love and leadership; love for God and people, with the responsibility to move them forward with intention. The Anonymous Leader will help you:
- Make your leadership less about you and more about God, to see greater things happen.
- Develop resilience in your leadership, to overcome any challenge.
- Lead yourself and others with more humility, to help more people.
- Develop your security in leading people, to lead with more confidence.
- Love more, those you lead, to maximize your impact.
- Grasp the importance of values and culture, to empower and guide people.
- Develop greater wisdom and integrity, so your influence has more authority.
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