The Art of Mingling - Proven Techniques for Mastering Any Room

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Does the idea of going to a cocktail party make your palms sweat and your mouth go dry? You're not alone: Most people suffer from minglephobia, a secret terror of large parties. Jeanne Martinet's tried-and-true cure is her unique system of techniques and strategies for overcoming social fears. Now you can relax and thrive at any business or social event! Updated with dozens of brand-new field-tested tricks, tips, lines, and maneuvers, The Art of Mingling will teach you: * Basic Survival Fantasies for the Truly Terrified * The Flattery Entree * The Fade In (and the Fade Out) * The Human Sacrifice * The Cell-Out * The Hors D'Oeuvre Maneuver * The Dot-Dot-Dot Plot * The Quotation Device * The Quick Change * The Faux Pas Moi * And much, much more!
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