The Axeman's Jazz - A Skip Langdon Novel

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Edgar Award-winning author Julie Smith's sequel to New Orleans Mourning, follows the rising career of police officer Skip Langdon. Recently promoted to detective, she finds herself chasing a killer who is preying on members of New Orleans' various 12-step programs. A murderer is on the loose in the Big Easy claiming to be the Axeman, a serial killer who stalked the city 70 years before. The only link between the victims is that they belonged to self-help groups. But the anonymity that protects their participants is now hiding the identity of a killer. Skip is sent undercover to the most likely of the programs, only to discover that she has more in common with its members than she ever imagined. And in a group of people who admit to being mentally unhealthy, she suddenly has more suspects than she knows what to do with. Cristine McMurdo-Wallis' sublime narration transports listeners to the colorful streets of New Orleans with the tough yet funny Skip.
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