The Backup Men - A Mac McCorkle Mystery

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The twins who walk into Mac McCorkle’s bar look identical, despite their differing genders. Their names are Wanda and Walter Gothar, and from the steel in their eyes it’s apparent that their business isn’t the friendly kind. They’ve come seeking help from Mac and his partner, Padillo, an ex-CIA agent who has poked around in the world’s darkest corners.
Anxious for a big payday, the twins took an assignment out of their depth, working as bodyguards for a Saudi prince who came to Washington to sign an oil deal. The job fell apart, and now the twins are being pursued by the world’s two most efficient killers, who take out Walter without breaking a sweat. Now Mac and Padillo are faced with a choice: save Wanda, or join her in the grave.
“America’s best storyteller.”
—The New York Times Book Review
“Ross Thomas is that rare phenomenon, a writer of suspense whose novels can be read with pleasure more than once.”
—Eric Ambler, author of The Mask of Dimitrios
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