The Big Bad Wolf Strikes It Rich! - Fairy Tale Wall Street Memoirs

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Recognize me? I am the famous Fortune 500 company wolf, Aladdin Todd Jackson. Learn how I went from flat broke to the top of the Wall Street game in my autobiography. Each chapter teaches business world secrets for you kiddies. I may seem like your average temperamental, chocolate loving, materialistic wolf high atop my Ritz-Carlton Battery Park condo, but there's a lot you don't know about me, the entrepreneur with a heart of gold beneath my furry anger management issues. I thought I was a goner! I was facing murder charges for a triple homicide over some dumb hogs. When my trial ended for lack of evidence, I was left unemployable, penniless from legal bills, and cursed with a bad reputation. The news media accused me of being "a wolf in sheep's clothing." How yellow journalism of them. I wear Armani to work. I've survived real life fairy tales you wouldn't dream exist. Aided by my student interns, Hansel and Gretel, I'm taking the Financial District by storm. I will turn you from the boy who cried "wolf!" into a high stakes young man who stops crying like a wuss and earns money. Who's with me? Don't be afraid of the Big Bad Wolf.
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