The Black Poodle

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When Algernon Weatherhead moves into Wisteria Villa, he finds himself living next door to the Currie family, who are besotted with their black poodle Bingo. Algernon falls in love with the Colonel Currie's adopted niece Lillian... but he cannot make friends with Bingo, a dog with a deeply psychotic desire to bite neighbours, tradespeople, the gardener and passers-by.
When Algernon shoots Bingo dead by accident, events lead to him burying the body in a shallow grave and pretending the dog has run away. But when Lillian makes it a condition of her agreeing to marry Algernon that he should find Bingo, he is left with a dilemma...the only solution is to find a doppelganger for Bingo and convince the Curries that it really is their dog.
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