The Bond - Protecting the Special Relationship Between Animals and Humans

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"If the animals knew about this book they would, without doubt, confer on Wayne Pacelle, their highest honor."
-Jane Goodall
"The Bond is the best overall book on animals I have ever read. Brilliant and moving."
-John Mackey, CEO and Co-founder of Whole Foods Market
"The Bond is at once heart-breaking and heart-warming. No animal escapes Wayne Pacelle's attention; nor should his book escape any human animal's attention."
-Alexandra Horowitz, New York Times Bestselling Author of Inside of a Dog
The president and CEO of the Humane Society of the United States, the world's largest animal protection organization, Wayne Pacelle brings us The Bond, a heartfelt, eye-opening exploration of the special bond between animals and humans. With the poignant insight of Animals Make Us Human and the shocking reality of Fast Food Nation-filled with history, valuable insights, and fascinating stories of the author's experience in the field-The Bond is an important investigation into all the ways we can repair our broken bond with the animal kingdom and a thrilling chronicle of one man's extraordinary contribution to that effort.
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