The Bridge at Andau - The Compelling True Story of a Brave, Embattled People

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The Bridge at Andau is James A. Michener at his most gripping. His classic nonfiction account of a doomed uprising is as searing and unforgettable as any of his bestselling novels. For five brief, glorious days in the autumn of 1956, the Hungarian revolution gave its people a glimpse at a different kind of future-until, at four o'clock in the morning on a Sunday in November, the citizens of Budapest awoke to the shattering sound of Russian tanks ravaging their streets. The revolution was over. But freedom beckoned in the form of a small footbridge at Andau, on the Austrian border. By an accident of history it became, for a few harrowing weeks, one of the most important crossings in the world, as the soul of a nation fled across its unsteady planks.

Praise for The Bridge at Andau

"Precise, vivid . . . immeasurably stirring."-The Atlantic Monthly

"Dramatic, chilling, enraging."-San Francisco Chronicle

"Superb."-Kirkus Reviews

"Highly recommended reading."-Library Journal
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