The Care and Handling of Roses with Thorns

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Difficult and obstinate. Thriving under a set of specific and limited conditions. That pretty much describes me. Maybe that' s why I like these roses so much.
Roses are Galilee Garner' s passion. An amateur breeder, she painstakingly cross-pollinates her plants to coax out new, better traits, striving to create a perfect strain of her favorite flower, the Hulthemia. Her dream is to win a major rose competition and one day have her version of the bloom sold in the commercial market.
Gal carefully calibrates the rest of her time to manage the kidney failure she' s had since childhood, going to dialysis every other night, and teaching high school biology, where she is known for her exacting standards. The routine leaves little room for relationships, and Gal prefers it that way. Her roses never disappoint her the way people have.
Then one afternoon, Riley, the teenaged daughter of Gal' s estranged sister, arrives unannounced to live with her, turning Gal' s orderly existence upside down. Suddenly forced to adjust to each other' s worlds, both will discover a resilience they never knew they had and a bond they never knew they needed.
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