The Cat, The Rooster and The Fox

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The word which means ‘fairy tale’ in Russian is transliterated into English as ‘skazka’. This term is used for a lot of literature forms, there could be a magic skazka, which resembles a fairy tale, an animal tale, some Russian fairy tales do not include anything magical and tell a tale of everyday life, the other, however, are rather ballads. This is a story of two friends, a Cat and a Rooster, who lived together, and each time the Cat was out, he bid the Rooster not to come out and let nobody in. One day a Fox was passing nearby and decided to have some rooster flesh. She lured the Rooster out, grasped him and carried him into her house, and the Cat was far away and couldn’t help his friend. This is a wonderful edifying and entertaining story of friendship for little kids.
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