The Cats of Ulthar

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Howard Lovecraft is an American writer, who became famous for his works of horror fiction. Nowadays he is considered as one of the best 20th-century authors in his genre. The Cats of Ultar is a story of one city, where it was forbidden to kill cats. It was first published in the journal Tryout in 1920. This tale was Lovecraft’s favorite as he was a cat lover. It is one of the most popular stories by the writer. There was an old couple in the city Ultar who liked to trap and kill their neighbors’ cats. Nobody knew exactly, why they did this, but it was a pleasure for them. Once a caravan of dark strangers came through the city. With the caravan came a boy orphan Menes. The only friend he had was a little black kitten. One morning Menes didn’t find his precious kitten and villagers told him about the man and his wife and strange sounds heard the night before. The boy started to pray and the clouds in the sky started to take weird shapes. What happened then? You will recognize when you read the story. But for sure the old couple got what they deserved.
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