The Chisholm Trail

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Armed with only a Colt rifle, a Bowie knife, and courage as big as the West, Ten Chisholm-the bold, illegitimate son of frontier scout and plains ambassador Jesse Chisholm and a Cherokee woman-arrives in the heart of Comanche country with a price on his head. His only crime: loving the beautiful daughter of a powerful New Orleans gambler who has promised her to a wealthy man she hates.
Now that Ten has returned to the harsh Texas brakes with a team of battle-toughened cowboys and ex-soldiers-and a vow to return to Priscilla and make her his wife-he must round up wild longhorns, ward off angry Comanches, and survive treacherous outlaw attacks as he crosses the Red River and sets off on a brazen quest to open a new trail to Kansas on the savage frontier.
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