The Civil War Collection - The Complete Story of America's Epic Struggle

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Entrenched in a conflict over slave labor, the industrialized North and slave-powered South of the mid 1800's became entangled in the only war to be waged between Americans on U.S. soil. The Civil War, infamously known as the bloodiest military conflict to date, engaged three million Americans, claiming the lives of over half a million.

The long march from secession to Southern Reconstruction comes to vivid life with The Civil War Collection, a riveting eight hour documentary that leads the listener on a compelling historical timeline chronicling America's insurrection. History buffs and educators alike will marvel at these peerless recordings offering unmatched scope and accuracy. From Fort Sumter to Appomattox, The Civil War Collection is a uniquely valuable testament to the tumultuous era of Lincoln and Lee.

Jimmy Gray serves as our senior staff writer and is the inspiration behind many of our audio books. Jimmy has written for various periodicals including, Field & Stream and Outdoor Life. Additionally, he has been a contributing writer for USA Today newspaper. Jimmy is a living history book.

Dennis Stone is an award-winning audio-book narrator. His ability to take the listener on provocative journeys is both compelling and natural. Dennis can also be heard on National radio and television commercials. His most recent accomplishment was receiving the Crystal Jade Award for The Civil War Collection.
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