The Club of One-Eyed Men

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Arthur Somers Roche (1883-1935) was an American writer, best known for his fast-paced mystery thrillers.
The Club of One-Eyed Men is an extraordinary crime story. The narrator is determined to turn himself into the master of all super-crooks if he can only find the right opportunity. Then suddenly one day in Paris, a strange set of circumstances which cannot be explained but can be no coincidence occur. He sees an American millionaire talking business with a notorious criminal in a Parisian nightclub. He sees the same criminal next day in a street which is packed with men who only have one eye. And then he boards the steamer to New York with the same American millionaire plus one of the one-eyed men he had bumped into on the previous day. And then an inexplicable crime is committed onboard the ship...and the route to stolen riches suddenly becomes apparent.
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