The Compton Kids

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A rag tag multi-racial Little League baseball team from Southern California is thrust into the game of their lives when they are asked to play against a superior Cuban team. Chosen because they are supposed to lose, Charles Givings' The Compton Kids rise to the occasion in the game of their lives. With the last minute help of an ex-Major League Los Angeles Dodger, The Compton Kids are given a fighting chance to succeed. Coming together on and off the field, The Compton Kids illustrates how working together can achieve much more than working apart. This is an exciting book that delves into the day-to-day lives of kids growing up in an inner city, and Charles Givings has managed to capture the flavor and spice of the growing pains in the inner city. A fast-paced, fun read for any age, you will never forget...The Compton Kids.
'I must say, I was very surprised when asked to read The Compton Kids. I was even more surprised to find it to be a wonderful book. I have known Charles Givings for almost 30 years. During this period we have collaborated on many musical projects. But I never suspected that he is as good a writer as he is a musician. As a teacher, I would recommend The Compton Kids to my students as an inspiration.'
Arthur G. Wright
CEO Nonstop Productions
Arranger-Motown Records
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