The Demon Hunter

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Have you ever wondered where Demons come from? Mark Hastings had that question until he came across his calling. Now he hunts them in the name of God. During his exploits, we learn how the occult, witchcraft and voodoo pervert our God-given gifts, how to protect ourselves from evil forces, why one person's life seems eternally blessed while another's an unending curse and the secret workings of God's Spiritual Laws in our physical world. Come join new author Brent A. Wagman as he sheds new light on old beliefs in The Demon Hunter.
Just weeks after being saved, sixteen year old Mark Hastings was attacked while innocently praying for a lost soul who, unknown to him, harbored a fierce demon. Only an angel's intervention prevented Mark's death, but his parents weren't as fortunate. In the hospital, he meets his soon to be mentor/guardian who teaches him the ways of the Spirit World, how to deal with and overcome the occultists as a Christian from a practical and useful point of view. He uses his knowledge to expose and hunt down some of the vilest demons oppressing mankind while wielding God's power like none since the apostles' day. Find out what happens when the demon world intersects with the physical world. The ultimate test of strength and spirituality is on the line in The Demon Hunter.
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