The Duel

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Laevsky is a dissipated romantic given to gambling and flirtation. He has run off to the sea with another man's wife and quickly grown tired of her, but two obstacles block his route to escape: he is broke, and he faces the absolute enmity of Von Koren, an arrogant zoologist and former friend who can no longer tolerate Laevsky's irresponsibility. Soon Laevsky confronts Von Koren, accusing him of meddling in his affairs, but Von Koren maneuvers a criticism Laevsky makes of their mutual friend, Dr. Samoylenko, into a challenge to a duel.
This audio book features a full cast radio drama performance in Russian language. Russia's finest actors of theatre, film and tv have been selected to perform in this production. Laevsky is played by Yuriy Vasilev, Von Koren by Aleksandr Rezalin. Complete cast listing can be found on sovereignclassic.net
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