The Enchanted Forest Chronicles Book Two: Searching for Dragons - The Enchanted Forest Chronicles, Book 2

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Read by a full cast
Approx. 6 hours
4 cassettes
A diverting and ingenious sequel to Dealing With Dragons.
Those wicked wizards are at it again! This time they are draining power from the Enchanted Forest. And that does not sit well with Mendanbar the King. On the advice of the witch Morwen, Mendanbar decides to consult with Kazul, the King of Dragons. When he arrives at Kazul's cave, he meets Princess Cimorene and learns that Kazul has been captured by those horrible wizards. Mendanbar and Cimorene will have to search for her, traveling over mountains and past man-eating giants, terrifying rock snakes, and an assortment of magic-wielders.
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