The Escape Artists

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Deeply sourced within Obama's economic team, Noam Scheiber is uniquely
qualified to profile the squad of elite administration insiders who have
set and managed the president's economic policies from before the start
of his term in office, through the crisis, and into our current
prolonged recovery. These are people we know-or think we know: Obama, Geithner, Summers, Orszag, and a host of others.
shares his profound understanding of each member of the group,
examining how they work-or don't work-as a team, peeling back the layers
of each personality while revealing the pragmatism, vision, and blind
spots each has in the fight to resurrect the American economy. Along the
way, he sorts out the truth from the myths and the tactical
finger-pointing that surround the recent worldwide financial meltdown.
egos compete, personalities clash, and ideas do battle. Never before
have we seen such a crystal-clear, in-depth look at the way economic
power is wielded at the highest levels in our nation-in Washington, on
Wall Street, and in their effects on millions of households in America.
book will become the key to understanding whether the Obama team will
succeed in bringing us back from the brink of economic ruin-or whether
they have set us up for another crisis.
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