The Fiber35 Diet - Nature's Weight Loss Secret

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In recent decades, America's hunger for processed foods filled with refined sugars and harmful trans fats has almost completely stripped our diet of what is quite possibly the most beneficial nutrient on the planet. Now, bestselling author Brenda Watson shows you how to lose weight and maintain optimal health by taking advantage of the extraordinary health benefits of fiber.

The Fiber35 Diet corrects one of the most dangerous falsehoods of our time -- that carbohydrates are bad -- and shows you how getting 35 grams of fiber a day is the key to preventing disease and keeping off the pounds for life. Based on only scientifically verified techniques clinically proven to help you lose weight, The Fiber35 Diet includes:

Straightforward, easy-to-understand conceptsA personalized weight loss formulaRecommendationsHealthful and fiber-rich recipesstrength and cardio training program

The Fiber35 Diet is a revolutionary new way of eating that will help you take charge of your health and change your life forever.
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