The First Time She Drowned

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The beautiful struggle of a girl desperate for the one relationship that has caused her the most pain
Cassie O'Malley has spent the past two and a half years in a mental institution-dumped there by her mother, against her will. Now, at 18, Cassie emancipates herself, determined to start over. She attends college, forms new friendships, and even attempts to start fresh with her mother. But before long, their unhealthy relationship threatens to pull Cassie under once again. As Cassie struggles to reclaim her life, childhood memories persist and confuse, and Cassie must consider whose version of history is real, and more important, whose life she must save.
A bold, literary story about the fragile complexities of mothers and daughters and learning to love oneself, The First Time She Drowned reminds us that we must dive deep into our pasts if we are ever to move forward.
Praise for The First Time She Drowned:
"Lyrical, emotional...resonant." -Entertainment Weekly, MUST LIST
"Beautiful and passionate . . . [Kletter is] a writer of great distinction and infinite promise." -Pat Conroy, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Prince of Tides and South of Broad
"[A] lovely and haunting keep-you-up-all-night heart-wrencher that is both beautiful and raw, painful and uplifting. It's utterly amazing. An incredible read." -Jennifer Niven, New York Times bestselling author of All the Bright Places
"Sentence by sentence . . . one of the most lyrical novels I've ever read. Haunting and exquisite." -Nicola Yoon, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Everything, Everything
"The First Time She Drowned is an exquisite and masterful dive, a brave exploration into the complexities of family, and the saving grace of friendship. Kletter's writing is hypnotic, her characters alive, her story tragic, beautiful, hopeful. Simply put, this book is stunning." -David Arnold, critically acclaimed author of Mosquitoland
"[A] beautiful, gut-wrenching ache of a story. If you are at all interested in books, this is required reading."
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