The Flamenco Academy

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Sarah Bird’s insightful, funny novels about love have won her high praise from critics and a loyal following. Booklist says she writes with “a voice that will resonate like a fine guitar.”
Rae’s life falls apart when her father dies of cancer and her mother joins a religious cult. The only person who understands Rae is local bad girl Didi, who is experiencing a similar loss. Both girls fall in love with handsome flamenco guitarist TomAs Montenegro, whose aunt teaches at the university’s flamenco academy. Rae and Didi take the class and become obsessed with the dance. In time, their love triangle plays out on an international stage, when Rae, Didi, and TomAs becoming the rising stars of flamenco.
Bird’s passionate and touching story will win her many new fans. Alyssa Bresnahan’s narration, as fluid as the flamenco dancing it chronicles, beautifully captures the nuances of this tale.
“Bird delivers a story brimming with romance and visceral details of flamenco, its music and its history.”—Publishers Weekly
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