The Garden Behind the Moon - A Real Story Of The Moon Angel

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David, a lonely young boy, learns the secret of walking over the glimmering sea path to the happy garden behind the moon. As David grows to manhood, he follows the Moon Angel's urging and starts on a hero's journey to bring lost treasure home to earth. And, therein lies a tale. But David has learned, while away behind the moon, how to love and be loved and how to be of service to those he comes into contact with and is very anxious to live out what he learned.
Table of Contents:
Chapter 1 - The Princess Aurelia
Chapter 2 - The Moon-Calf
Chapter 3 - The Man Who Knew Less Than Nothing
Chapter 4 - David in the Water
Chapter 5 - The Moon-Angel
Chapter 6 - The Moon-House
Chapter 7 - The Moon-Garden
Chapter 8 - Phyllis
Chapter 9 - The Last Play-Day
Chapter 10 - Behind the Moon-Angel
Chapter 11 - The Land of Nowhere
Chapter 12 - The Black Winged Horse
Chapter 13 - The Iron Castle
Chapter 14 - The Iron Man
Chapter 15 - The Escape
Chapter 16 - Back to the Moon-House
Chapter 17 - David
Chapter 18 - The King's Messenger
Chapter 19 - Princess Aurelia
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