The Golden Arm

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The power of the fairy tale is that it invariably shows: when you sow good - you'll reap happiness; when you sow wind - you'll reap whirlwind! These are the fairy tales of England and that’s why it’s always interesting to read the fairy tales of another nation: in this way you begin to understand what they think about life, truth and justice. This folk story became very popular because of Mark Twain. The Golden arm refers to the type of the fairy tales which are usually telling orally rather reading to scare the audience.The story usually ends with the great shout, which makes the listeners jump. The tale begins with the death of a beautiful woman who had an arm made of gold. Her husband, filled with greed, sneaks in a cemetery at night, digs the grave out and steals the golden arm.Reaching home, he hides the prey under a pillow. But at the time the ghost of his wife comes to him...
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