The Good Fight - A Daily Exercise in Response to God's Word

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Our human spirit is no match for Sin, regardless how we struggle. But once the Holy Spirit frees us, our actions can finally match our intentions.
Most Christians recognize that current events in our world bear an uncanny resemblance to end-time prophecies from the bible. While we need not agree about when and where Armageddon will take place, we must bear in mind that a spirit of deception will prevail among unbelievers, and within the church a 'great falling away' is prophesied before the Lord returns. The Good Fight offers one measure of prudent protection for Christians constantly in the cross-hairs of the world, the flesh and/or the devil. It offers a daily vitamin pill from the word of the Living God. It offers a moment of fellowship with another believer in which to break the bread of life together over your morning coffee or tea. Take this opportunity to collect your thoughts and jot down a response after each selection. Use Carol's challenge and encouragement to enrich your own life and improve your spiritual walk. Take up Paul's challenge to Timothy: 'Fight the good fight of faith, and lay hold on eternal life, to which you are called.' It is a high calling, and with this guidebook to accompany on your way, success is assured.
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