The Happy Family

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Hans Christian Andersen (1805–1875) was a Danish storyteller. Besides poetic compositions, traveling notes and philosophical essays, he creates the novel "The Improvisatore". "The Happy Family" is the fairy tale by H.C Andersen. In a forest lived a couple of old snails. Old snails never left the forest, but knew that somewhere there is something called "yard" and that there snails are cooked and then put on a silver dish. They assumed that it was wonderful and aristocratically. They had no children, and they brought up a common snail. The snails considered themselves to be aristocrats. One day they decided to find a wife for their son. It was a real problem, because all brides seemed to them to be vulgar. The snails asked ants and other inhabitants of the forest about a wife for their youngster. How did they solve the problem? Read " The Happy Family" to know it.
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