The Hedley Kow

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The English Fairy Tales collection is a remarkable treasure, a work that contains the best-loved tales of your childhood! This volume seeks to reclaim the powerful cultural legacy, presenting exciting stories tand providing the historical contexts that reveal the mysteries of the fairy tales! In The Hedley Kow the funny story goes about a poor and optimistic woman which finds a pot on the road. She decides she might find a use for it as a flowerpot. Looking inside she discovers it is full of gold pieces, and decides to drag it home. She drags it for a while, but when she looks in the pot, it has become a lump of silver. She decides this is better than gold, as it is less likely to be stolen, and goes on. She doesn’t know yet that she is being tricked by mischievous shapeshifting creature. Try this book and find out what will happen next.
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