The House at Pooh Corner

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TIGGER COMES TO THE FOREST and other stories
Story 1 In which a house is built at Pooh Corner for Eeyore
Story 2 In which Tigger comes to the forest and has breakfast
Story 3 In which Tigger is unbounced
Story 4 In which Eeyore finds the Wolery and Owl moves into it
Story 5 In which Christopher Robin and Pooh come to an enchanted place
POOH INVENTS A NEW GAME and other stories
Story 1 In which Rabbit has a busy day
Story 2 In which Pooh invents a new game
Story 3 In which it is shown that Tiggers don't climb trees
Story 4 In which a search is organized
Story 5 In which Piglet does a very grand thing
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