The Invisible Mountain

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On the first day of the year 1900, a small town deep in the Uruguayan countryside gathers to witness a miracle-the reappearance of a lost infant, Pajarita-and unravel its portents for the century. Later, as a young woman in the capital city Pajarita begins a lineage of fiercely independent women with her husband, Ignazio, a young immigrant from Italy and the inheritor of both a talent for boat making and a latent, more sinister family trait. Their daughter, Eva, a fragile yet ferociously stubborn beauty intent on becoming a poet, overcomes an early, shattering betrayal to embark on a most unconventional path toward personal and artistic fulfillment. And Eva's daughter, Salomé, awakening to both her sensuality and political convictions, finds herself dangerously attracted to a cadre of urban guerrilla rebels.
Provocative, heartbreaking and ultimately life-affirming, The Invisible Mountain is a poignant celebration of the potency of familial love, the will to survive in the most hopeless of circumstances, and the fierce, fortifying connection between mother and daughter.
From the Compact Disc edition.
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