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The Isle of Wight, 1775: On a stormy January night, an American traveller makes an astonishing discovery on the site of a long-abandoned monastery. Locals believe the site is cursed, but Benjamin Franklin is too curious about the apocryphal Library of Vectis to turn away....
Florida, 2026: Will Piper, former FBI agent, is retired and living a life of leisure, his thoughts far from the notorious Doomsday Killer case that vaulted him into minor celebrity status 15 years earlier. But according to what that investigation uncovered at a secret government site in Nevada, the world will change irrevocably on February 9, 2027. Is it the End of Days? No one knows what the Horizon, as it’s been called, will bring, and much of the world is suspended between preapocalyptic hedonism and despair.
When a new Doomsday Killer emerges - inexplicably targeting only Chinese people - and Will’s son, Phillip, disappears, he is instantly drawn back into the case. The breathless, high-stakes adventure that Will is pulled into spans centuries and continents, and may at last reveal what the Library cannot about the future of humankind - if there is to be one....
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