The Kills

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It's going to be a tough trial. Manhattan sex-crimes prosecutor Alexandra Cooper's case, involving an attack on investment banker Paige Vallis, would be difficult to prove without the latest development -- it seems that Paige has something to hide.
While Alex learns more of the sad details behind this increasingly puzzling rape case, colleague Mike Chapman is uptown in a decaying Harlem brownstone where 82-year-old McQueen "Queenie" Ransome has been murdered, her apartment ransacked.
Queenie's murder is only the first. Others follow, as the tragic strands of the Paige Vallis and McQueen Ransome cases converge in a poignant alliance of two women from very different worlds. Faced with formidable personal and professional choices, Alex faces a showdown where her wits and courage will be tested as never before.
With a winning combination of courtroom drama and historical detail, The Kills is stylish writing from a crime-writing star.
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