The Lad Who Went To The North Wind

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Once upon a time was an old widow who had a son. She was weak and feeble and she asked a son to go to the storehouse and bring some meal for cooking. But on his return from storehouse there came the North Wind, caught up the meal and carried out the meal away through the air. A son went back into the storehouse for more but when he came out again the North Wind robbed him one more time. The guy was very angry - he thought he should go to search the North Wind and ask him to give up his meal. His way was very long but at last he came to the North Wind's house. He asked the North Wind to get back the meal the Wind took from the storehouse. But the North Wind answered that he hasn't any meal. The North Wind gave to the guy a table cloth which would get him everything he wants. He just needed to say: "Cloth, spread yourself and serve up all kinds of good dishes!" What did he want to do with this magic table cloth?
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