The Lang Men O'Larut

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Joseph Rudyard Kipling was a British writer, poet and a novelist, the first English Nobel Prize winner in literature. His most famous works include “The Jungle Book”, “Kim”, a lot of short stories and poems. His language full of metaphors contributed a lot into the treasury of the English language. J. R. Kipling is regarded as a major innovator in the art of short story.The story is told by the Chief Engineer of a steamer, who tries to beat the one of the men from Orizava. They were talking about tall people, so he decides to tell what happened in Larut, where three enormously huge men lived. Once an American came on a business to Larut and recklessly made a remark that he was the tallest man on the island. The three men of Larut put it in doubt, but the American bet his substance. As he saw he lost the height competition, he turned the situation upside down. Read the story and get to know the ending that will definitely cheer you up!
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