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Tips and Tools for managing life after maternity leaveBased on the popular blog “The Babyjuggler: Three kids, Two jobs, One life; winner of the December 2008 “Best of the British Mummy Blogger Carnival” this book gives you the lowdown on how to survive the return to the world of work after the birth of your first baby.Everyone knows women can “have it all” these days but this guide shows you how to avoid the “doing it all” syndrome which leaves so many working mothers totally exhausted and stressed.Author Sara Lloyd is the mother of three children under 8 and also works for a major publishing company in charge of their Digital Publishing Division. In her own words she is “a working mum of three. That statement in itself is already loaded. Being a mum should be regarded as a job in and of itself, of course... but that phrase is always used to describe someone who (possibly quite madly) undertakes paid work as well as the unpaid / highly versatile sort that comes under the general banner of 'mothering'. That's what I do.”Topics IncludeNavigating those “Returning to Work” wardrobe worriesDropping the “Bad Mother” Guilt-FestTips on how to pace yourself in the first weeks back at workSetting precedents for your work/life balanceHow to “stay calm and carry on”Work it Baby, Work it! – Tips on how to make every minute count!Dealing with Emergencies
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