The Little Duke - The Childhood History of Richard the Fearless, Duke of Normandy

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Based on historical fact, this audiobook is full of intrigue and chivalry, and at a time when Normandy was not part of France. This is the romantic childhood history of Richard the Fearless, Duke of Normandy. After his father was assassinated, when he was just nine years old, he is kidnapped and imprisoned by Louis of France who wanted to annex Normandy.
But thanks to the bravery and daring of Richard's loyal squire and knight, Osmond de Centeville, he makes good his escape. Richard's great grandson was to become William the Conqueror and King of England. The story is full of suspense and bravery, of loyalty and resolve under the most scary cirucumstances. Courage is a strong value for all involved.
Table of Contents
Chapter 01: A Welcome Visit
Chapter 02: An Untimely Death
Chapter 03: Richard Assumes the Ducal Mantle
Chapter 04: A Comrade
Chapter 05: Danger in the Castle
Chapter 06: At the French Court
Chapter 07: For the Sake of a Falcon
Chapter 08: A Daring Escape
Chapter 09: Danes to the Rescue
Chapter 10: Royal Hostages
Chapter 11: The Passing of a Prince
Chapter 12: A Boon Granted
Chapter 13: Reconciliation at Last
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