The Long Path Home

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The Long Path Home by Abigail Gardener is based on true events. Dawn, a small-town girl from Ohio raised with Christian beliefs, decides at the age of eighteen to leave her safe world and venture out on her own to Texas. Little did she know how wrong she would be. How quickly she would lose her innocent and trusting view of the world. How could she have known that the man she would fall in love with and want to marry wasn't who he seemed to be? Her newfound love would lead her into a life of hate, crime, drugs, violence, and abuse. She would find out too late that what had seemed to be her dreams coming true was actually a nightmare-trapped int he world of a biker gang for five years, fighting for her sanity and her life as the traveled The Long Path Home. Would she be lost forever, or would faith in God deliver her in time, and at what cost?
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