The Lure of Oil, The Cry for Water - A Dowser's Dream Diverted by Drought

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The Lure of Oil, The Cry for Water take us back to the infancy of the oil industry, just after Edwin Drake drilled the worlds first successful oil well. Armed with a natural gift and a remarkable divining rod, a New England dowser named Jonah sets off in search of his road to richesconvinced he can find oil as easily as water. On the way to his Shangri-La, his path through rural Pennsylvania converges with that of a vivacious Civil War widow, her young son, and an evangelical clergyman. As this unlikely team confronts drought, dry wells, and the wily ways of a usurious lender, they find themselves tested in extraordinary ways. Will Jonah resist the Lure of Oil as those he cares about Cry for Water? And will the message of Gods love and redemption ultimately overcome the trials that beset not only Jonah and his friends, but the entire community-at-large?
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