The Mafia Made Easy-Anatomy and Culture of the Cosa Nostra

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Peter J. DeVico's latest book, The Mafia Made Easy: The Anatomy and Culture Of La Cosa Nostra is perhaps the best endorsement for the adage, 'write about what you know.' DeVico examines the deadly, furtive world of organized crime while offering the reader a comprehensive but uncomplicated portrayal of the American Mafia. He renders an authentic account of how La Cosa Nostra evolved: Its origin and organizational structure, its national scope during the 'golden age,' the driving political forces that motivate it, how it earns a living, its bizarre rituals, and popular myths about honor, respect and the code of silence. The Mafia Made Easy: The Anatomy and Culture of La Cosa Nostra makes a powerful statement, and is a MUST for true-crime aficionados.
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