The Magi Chronicles - Josh's Daring Summer Adventure

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Flash! Swoosh! Young Josh McBride stared in wonder at a large, golden sphere streaking across the sky like a flaming meteorite. Splash! Into the bay it plunged no more than a football field's length in front of him. A moment earlier Josh had been a lonely boy, sitting at the end of the pier feeling sorry for himself. Now, suddenly, he was an adventurer. Leaping into a rowboat he paddled furiously to rescue the three strange men who had climbed out of the peculiar metallic ball. !Help! Help! The men cried to him from the choppy, bluish-green water. Who are these extraordinary men and why are they here? Can Josh help these Wise Men accomplish their mission as they confront a hurricane, the police, the Coast Guard and Navy SEALs? Find out as Josh dares the impossible and embarks on an adventure of a lifetime.
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