The Malcontents - A Novel

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Author Reginald Keith, in his novel The Malcontents, paints a portrait of war-torn Germany, the lives of those ravaged by violence and betrayal within the Third Reich. Enter into the society and culture of post-war Germany still populated by those who believed and supported the philosophy of The Malcontents, a group of former officials in the Nazi regime, whose plan was to convert prestigious works of art into cash as recompense, ultimately financing a resurrection of Aryan Supremacy through political power.
Andre Von Kunst, owner of Von Kunst Gallery, Berlin, finds himself fascinated by Katya Preznoski, first violinist with the Polish State Orchestra. Determined to meet her in person, he follows the orchestra across Germany, as his partner, Hannelore Hassenfeld, a friend since childhood, manages the gallery. Unbeknownst to Andre, she continues to perpetuate an illicit plan set up by her father with a group of former Nazi government officials, known as the Kreis, to funnel stolen artworks to the gallery for eventual sale in the U.S. An unlikely turn of events sheds light on personal betrayals, blatant prejudices, unrequited love, and conflicting loyalties, as this intense journey into the German society of the sixties proffers that things are not often what they appear to be.
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