The Man Who was Thursday - The Man Who was Thursday, A Nightmare

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Chesterton leads us on a merry ride of mystery, intrigue and above all, fantasy in this tale of anarchism filled with suspense and sitting-on-the-edge-of-ones-chair fright. Sometimes it is referred to as a metaphysical-thriller and Chesterton himself refers to it as "a nightmare". We are kept wondering and in suspense until the very end of this masterpiece by the creator of Father Brown.
Table of Contents
Chapter 01: The Two Poets of Saffron Park
Chapter 02: The Secret of Gabriel Syme
Chapter 03: The Man Who Was Thursday
Chapter 04: The Tale of a Detective
Chapter 05: The Feast of Fear
Chapter 06: The Exposure
Chapter 07: The Unaccountable Conduct of Professor de Worms
Chapter 08: The Professor Explains
Chapter 09: The Man in Spectacles
Chapter 10: The Duel
Chapter 11: The Criminals Chase the Police
Chapter 12: The Earth in Anarchy
Chapter 13: The Pursuit of the President
Chapter 14: The Six Philosophers
Chapter 15: The Accuser
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