The Mysterious Affair at Styles

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Mrs. Christie introduces us for the first time to Hercule Poirot, as he solves the mysterious demise of Mrs. Alfred Inglethorpe at her country estate, Styles Court. Many suspects come under his scrutiny but it is his genius to unravel all the intricacies and end up solving the crime with a very surprising ending.
Table of Contents
Chapter 01: I Go to Styles
Chapter 02: The 16th and 17th of July
Chapter 03: The Night of the Tragedy
Chapter 04: Poirot Investigates
Chapter 05: "It Isn't Strychnine, Is It?"
Chapter 06: The Inquest
Chapter 07: Poirot Pays His Debts
Chapter 08: Fresh Suspicions
Chapter 09: Dr. Bauerstein
Chapter 10: The Arrest
Chapter 11: The Case For the Prosecution
Chapter 12: The Last Link
Chapter 13: Poirot Explains
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